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IMPORTANT If you are interested in joining VIEW, please contact your nearest club and lodge an application for membership with the club.

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These forms are for Club use only


Application for Membership - Print&Fill or Online

Changes to Member Details - Print&Fill or Online

Renewal Letter for existing members - Online

Invitation to Potential Members - Online



Petty Cash - Online

Annual Subscriptions Payment - Print&Fill or Online

Donation Form 2021 Print&Fill/Excel (make all your donations)

Electronic Cashbook 2021 Excel 2016 or Excel 97-2003

Joyspreader Gifts brochure

Cashbook Hard copy Request 

(Develop and Maintain) New Club Development Proposal Form - Online

Late Notification form 2021 Print&Fill / Online (Membership List/Annual Subscriptions/Audit 2020) 


Event Notification Form (including Insurance in Residence) - Print&Fill or Online

Event Booking Sheet (Template)

Event Runsheet (Template)

Media Permission Form - Word

Committee Forms

Stock Order Form - Print&Fill / Online&Email

Club Minutes (Template)

Accident Report - Print&Fill / online&Email

Club Committee List - Online

Committee Nomination Form - Print/Fill / Online

Changes to Club Details - Print/Fill / Online

Proxy Form - Online

VIEW Embroidered items (Lismore Embroidery) - Print&Fill / Online

Room Hire Waiver request - Online

Club Banner Request - Print&Fill or Online

Delegates Report (Template - Club use only) - Print&Fill or Online

Data Breach Reporting Information Guide & Form - Online



Member Surveys

Suggestions for Club Program - Print&Fill / Online

(Attract & Retain) Membership Satisfaction Survey - Print&Fill / Online

(Attract & Retain) Exit Survey - Print&Fill / Online

Club Closure Survey (only after discussion with Councilllor) - Print&Fill / Online

(Develop & Maintain) Media Release - Online


Councillor Forms

Zone Councillor 2022-23 Nomination - Online

National Councillor 2022-23 Nomination - Online

2020-21 Councillor Electronic Cashbook

2020-21 Councillor Approval to Travel - Online

2020-21 Councillor Expense Claim - Online

Gala/Zone Conf Registration Form (Template)

Gala/Zone Conf Runsheet (Template)

Gala/Zone Conf Suggested Agenda (Template)

Room Hire Fee Waiver (Template)

Councillor Summary of Visit Report

George Forbes Award 2021 Nomination (National Council Only) - Criteria & Process / Form (Date closes )

History Forms

Club Inaugural Form - Online

International Women's Day - Online

Club Closure - Online





Make a Difference Award Nomination - Print&Fill or Online

Make a Difference Award Nomination Process

National President's Award 2021 Nomination - Information / Form



'Voice of VIEW' Voting (Voting open until 27 August 2021)

Resolution 1 - Safe affordable housing for women and children

Resolution 2 - Better support for students to prepare for their post-school futures

Resolution 3 - Reduce the use of Plastic to assist our environment nationally

Voting Paper - Print&Fill / Multi Voting (save paper) Separate Instructions (laminate to share)

Tally Sheet - Print&Fill Online


Voice of VIEW Resolution Form - Print&Fill or Online (submissions will reopen 2022)

To make your submission please complete the Voice of VIEW Form